Diablo III – Release Date Confirmed

by ParadiceNZ

Well, it’s official: Diablo III finally has a release date. May 15th, 2012.

This will be a (semi-) simultaneous global release date.

As expected, Blizzard have also announced a digital pre-sale, which will allow you to download & be ready to play come release day. Bashiok has suggested that those who have pre-ordered a phyiscal copy of the game will also get some type of pre-download/pre-install mechanism too, although the details on this have yet to be announced.

Visit the official site at  http://us.battle.net/en/int?r=d3 for more information about the release date and pre-order information.

Expect final updates on a lot of specific game and retail systems in the coming weeks, too. First off the block, we have confirmation that players in the SEA region (Australia, New Zealand, etc) will default to the US servers, and will have access to the US-based Auction Houses. This is good news, because (we know from Starcraft 2) that the SEA region is relatively tiny compared to all the others; participating in the much larger economy will be beneficial for everyone.

I know I am not the only writer here at dontcritme.com who is excited about this release – expect an in-depth Diablo III discussion on our next podcast!

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