Personal Gaming Update (2-27)


Hi everyone! I thought I would start a new weekly column Ill probably end up posting every Monday.  Basically just going over a very high level of things Im doing personally , wanting to accomplish in gaming, or have accomplished in the past week.   Late week I decided to invest in a mount to put my Sony monitor up on the wall not only to put me a little further away from it and save some of my vision, but also have more of an ergonomic view during long gaming sessions.  The last thing Id want is to become a hunchback in my old age!  So I’ve been playing a good amount of Battlefield 3, of course, and most recently Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Weekend Steam Sale!) .   However, knowing that Mass Effect 3 is coming out so soon, Ive made it a personal goal to accomplish and complete as much of that game as I can leading up to the release of the third installment of the game.  I’ve negelected Mass Effect 2 since I picked it up during the holiday Steam sale, so I thought what better excuse than to finish it!

Along with working a normal job, I have so many games to play and so little time!  Either way, time to show the fruits of my labor a bit and the way I mounted up the TV/monitor.   A nice budget mount from Frys with full tilt and swivel netted this result!

For those curious about my setup, I use mostly Razer gear (not sponsored), including a BlackWidow Mechanical keyboard, Naga Mouse, Banshee headset, and Goliathus pad.   The top display is a Sony Bravia 46″, and the lower monitors are Dell 24″ers.  As you can probably tell from my desktop wallpapers, Im a bit excited that Aion is going free-to-play.  At the time it was first released I played a little bit of it, but due to bills I did not really want to pay monthly for another MMO so I only went as far as the free trial.  Fifteen dollars a month can add up fast when you enjoy playing multiple games.  Since the announcement of it going free-to-play Im dying to jump back into it, on a lazy weekend.  In terms of Mass Effect 2 I’m only about two hours into it but so far Im enjoying the gameplay….

And for personal reference so I can compare at the end of the year, my current Battlefield 3 solider stats!  I’m not the greatest that’s for sure, but I have a lot of fun playing

See you all next week!


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