Apple is making a console!

The other day I was walking around Best Buy browsing the console section, because well let’s admit it already, Best Buy’s PC section doesn’t tickle my fancy.  Why should they, right?  The majority of PC players probably utilize Steam to purchase their games and order hardware online.  As I peruse the PS3 section, I wondered to myself, what if Apple made a console?   The mere thought really made me dry heave instantaneously, however I decided to put my designer cap on for a second and proceeded to become a newly hired Apple console developer.   What would Steve Jobs do?  Well for one, let me look at the design and form factor of the console.  We should probably make the form factor fairly compact, easily carried around, sharp corners, and very minimalistic.  Now that we have the shape out-of-the-way, let us look at color.  Aluminum first comes to mind, but  Apple would already know that most “gamers” don’t have deep pockets to pay for such an expensive and rare form of metal that we market for our MacBook Pros, so let’s just keep a standard white plastic’esque color and feel to it, much like our original iPod and early model MacBooks.  

Onto designing the user interface.  How will the player interact with the games, and navigate our simplistic (IT JUST WORKS) gaming interface?  Well, for one, a very simple controller designed to match the console itself.  Not too many buttons, and lets toss in motion detection because of course the majority of our user base would consider typical pressing buttons too mainstream for them.  So now that we have the console design, user-interface, and controller out-of-the-way, how will we connect it to our TVs?  HDMI or component would be the obvious methods but to keep costs down and the fact that most our clients probably wouldn’t know the difference from 1080 to 480, let’s just provide standard video RCA connections.

Next on our deliverables list would be the types of games we would market for Apple.   What do our customers play most on our mobile devices? What do we think would sell the most?  Games that are simple, colorful, slightly gimmicky,  party games, motion games, and we can’t forget easy.  We would also package the games in white boxes to match our stylish white console and controllers.  Our clients would want everything to match!  Freaking genius I say, Apple should hire me on the spot!  If Apple made hardware like this, people probably would buy this no doubt, but it probably wouldn’t catch on with hardcore gamers for obvious reasons.    Then a sudden moment of clarity strikes me…


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