Announcement: Call of Duty on the Playstation Vita

Nobody can doubt that Call of Duty fans are fairly fanatical about the franchise.  I would even call the majority of them loyal to the brand, however, how deep does that loyalty go?  If you are reading this and you are one of those fans, would you go as far as purchasing a VITA solely based on the news that Call of Duty is coming to the platform?  Sony execs are touting this as a “game-changer” for the platform itself.    With talks of Black Ops 2 and now this announcement one has to wonder if this multi release model is going to end up hurting their fan-base and pushing them away to seek another quality FPS.  It honestly should not come as a shock since there are already five Call of Duty games already on the Nintendo DS.   How do you feel about Sony’s direction with this or even the VITA itself?  Respond back to us on Facebook, we’re interested in hearing your opinions.


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