Shiny Glowing Mice and Keyboards!

Much like any hobby/profession we are involved in, we become partial to the hardware we use.  It is our only connection physically to the games we play.  In the gaming world, we have become accustomed to seeing certain brands of hardware.   SteelSeries, Razer, Logitech and many more all provide hardware to gamers but really is one better than the other?  Personally for me, I can at least attest to the worst mouse I have ever used, the World of Warcraft MMO mouse by Steel Series.  At the time, anything with the Warcraft logo endorsement had me considering purchase, because if Blizzard endorses it , it must be fantastic right?  I could not have been more wrong.   Every time I open the drawer this horrible abomination sits in , I am ashamed I paid the amount I did for it.  The thought of selling it to an unsuspecting gamer wrenches my stomach, so that is where it will sit for the remainder of its life.    What hardware do you prefer?  Do you have any nightmare stories or regrets of purchase like myself?



One response to “Shiny Glowing Mice and Keyboards!

  1. Yes – I have collected a lot of these “Gamer marketed” peripherals over the years….

    In the “awesome” category I will place my Razer gear (Mamba mouse and Nostromo keypad)

    My *worst* purchase has got to be a Microsoft Sidewinder 2 Force Feedback joystick… I bought it for Mechwarrior 4. It was fun for Mechwarrior 4. And useless for everything else, ever. Oh, and too big to keep regularly on my desk. Also, you needed to plug it into the mains power as well as USB. Good times!

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