Call of Duty: Black Ops Warfare 6

By George Atchison

Every first person shooter fan I know remembers how amazing this game was, and the countless hours we spent playing it.  The game-play, the multi-player, perks, and game modes were all things we got addicted to .  Nobody can really deny that this game seemed like it was going to set the standard for the franchise.  However, through the course of Modern Warfare 2 Infinity Ward started running into problems with Activision, which also ended up with the popular developer dismissing some of their senior employees.   Ending up with the ultimate dismissal of about 47 Infinity Ward employees Activision advised Sledgehammer games to work alongside what was left of Infinity Ward to develop the latest installment.   Without boring readers with the details, as you can look up the history of these two companies easily, it’s easy to say that this franchise has become something totally different from what it used to be.

When someone tells me Call of Duty, I instantly think of what the Madden series epitomizes now.  Madden games, at their pinnacle, was a sports game a lot of us grew to love, but money hungry executives know that the name alone was enough to sell.  Knowing this, the game was easily marketable every single year without having to improve it drastically.  Fair enough, the actual consoles haven’t improved at all in the past half decade, but each year brings on a new Madden game with updated rosters/stats/and maybe a gimmick improvement sprinkled in.  All of this can be yours for 59.99 a year.  I honestly can not remember the last Madden game I bought, primarily for this reason.  I lost faith in the series.  Not to turn this into a comparison of other FPS games, but I play Modern Warfare 3 on the PC about 2-3 times a week.  Matches are quick, easily joined, and it is good mindless fun.  However,  in the graphics department (on PC) , it really is not a huge drastic improvement over Black Ops.  I can not really say for console versions of the game since I have not played the console version of Modern Warfare 3.  While we were in the “honeymoon” period with Modern Warfare 3, not even months after the release, there was an announcement…

(Screenshot from Your eyes are not deceiving you.    The cash cow we know today as the Call of Duty series is planning on milking you again this year.   They are releasing another installment and you can plan on them making a lot of money on whatever sub-par title they plan on releasing.  Even with a different developer other than Sledgehammer/InfinityWard do you honestly think they will bring anything drastic to the table as far as improvements or new ideas?  For the sake of FPS fans everywhere, I really hope so, but I’m not holding my breath on it.  What really pisses me off even more is Activision plans on releasing “Five Modern Warfare 3 DLC drops planned for next three months, 20 total over next nine months”.  If you are one of the few people who subscribe to Call of Duty : Elite services, these are free. However, for those of us that are not “hard-core COD” players, we have to shell out even more money to get the two map per DLC packs each release.  How ridiculous is this?  It’s my strong opinion that DLCs are merely content that SHOULD have been put in the game to begin with.  It was unheard of during older console days and for a good reason.  Despite this, they know people will pay.  A player in MW3 can easily blaze through the single-player and multi-player (minus prestige activation) in no time and end up wanting more.  Some companies like Blizzard , that provide actual expansions for their original game have a right to charge for them.  Modern Warfare developers really don’t.  I say they don’t for a few reasons.   Think about what you are getting.  With a game like World of Warcraft, an expansion involves new zones/content/instances/raids/possible races/the list goes on.  Blizzard even provides content patches throughout the life of an expansion at NO cost to you.  That is an excellent model to follow.   It’s really disappointing to see what this franchise is becoming.  Much like the Madden series, there will always be a following for it, and I can’t fault other gamers for playing what they enjoy.

In the future, I hope something revolutionary comes along the way in the Call of Duty series for the new consoles rumored to be coming out in the following years.  New graphical engines, sound design, level design, perk systems, and perks themselves.   For me, MW3 will be my guilty pleasure I delve into randomly when I want to mindlessly run around, Akimbos in hand, and upsetting people.  Until then, see you on the Battlefield gentlemen.


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