Razer’s Focus On PC Gaming?

For those that have not seen this video yet, Razer released this prior to CES in hopes to stir up some talk about what they are doing in their R&D Department.  Earlier last year they released the Razer “Blade”, dubbed the worlds first “true gaming laptop”.  While I think that’s great and all, here in lies the problem with that.  I wouldn’t consider most gamers, especially PC gamers to be sitting behind a laptop.   While I think the design, looks, and internal components are great its nothing revolutionary.  What I feel Razer needs to do in the mid-long term is to develop a competitively priced budget gaming PC all the way up to the higher end models they might sell.  Follow the Apple pricing model, if you want a MacBook Pro, you can opt for the entry-level $1000 machine all the way up to the higher end $2500 priced Mac Pros.  Except one change, market an entry-level pre-built gaming PC for 359.00-399.00 (without monitor).  This puts the machine right at a competitive level for “new” consoles, and slightly over the priced for the higher end “fully loaded” consoles available for sale today.  Not only that, Razer already has a partnership with NVIDIA on their hardware, so why not build Razer Graphics Cards built around NVidia Chip-sets and provide a similar customer service experience from that company no longer with us called BFG Tech?  Develop sleek hardware and components that are upgradeable, and provide the average consumer interested in getting into PC gaming, you in essence, provide an alternative to being stuck on a console for however long the manufacturer (MS and SONY) sees fit. 

Consumers love to stick with brands.  When it comes to cars, computers, clothing stores, etc, at least one thing in your life you will stick to buying for many years based on its brand.  If Razer does things right in regards to implementing a strategy such as this, they can and will receive recognition for doing so.  Nobody else has done this yet.   I don’t necessarily consider Alienware or other similar companies in this discussion because they obviously don’t make their own graphics cards, and honestly their price points have always been high. Now, I already know what you are saying.  Well I spend plenty of time in front of a computer at school/work/wherever,  I love kicking back on the couch and playing with friends.  How do you plan on marketing a gaming PC to us?  Well, take a look around most electronics stores these days.  Companies are marketing WebPCs, devices that allow you to stream via Skype, net boxes that allow you stream online media and much more.  Those devices however you couldn’t even imagine trying to game on, next to your console.  Now, most everyone knows that Microsoft XBOX Controllers are plug and play on most console ported PC games already.  For those that don’t know, it means that if you play on a PC and wish to plug-in your XBOX controller, you can and the game will automatically recognize it.  Case and point, Batman Arkham Asylum, you are able to download/purchase for PC and play on the XBOX Controller like you were on a 360, however with a higher graphics detail level the 360 couldn’t even imagine trying to handle.  Basically, Razer markets a home desktop/gaming PC with a UI built around the average computer/console gamer that doesn’t have a technical understanding on how to set up and work a PC on a standard TV.  When you boot the PC you have an option to go into standard PC mode or the Option for TV Mode where the typical “Menu/Desktop” isn’t visible; more of a PSN / XBOX Live User interface appears after booting is presented.  All of this along with VOIP technology, it makes consoles seem to offer nothing more than a gaming experience compared to what PCs already offer.

I’ve been a gamer since 1988 when I first experienced an NES System.  In the early 90s, I was presented with a PC where bootable floppy games were the only thing around other than what Nintendo gave us.  The 90s provided a lot of consoles and at least to me, it at least felt like manufacturers actually cared about being bleeding edge and ahead of the game when it came to pushing new hardware out to consumers.  However, with systems such as the 360 and PS3 becoming so dated, developers are having a hard time keeping up with actual graphical requirements, it truly shows that companies such as Sony and Microsoft want to milk the cash cow until its dry and ready to keel over.  Now is the perfect opportunity for a company like Razer , or ANYONE for that matter, to step up and unite console gamers and PC Gamers alike in the cause of high quality gaming and rich content provision.  A tablet is not going to do that.   I hope you enjoyed my comments on this subject that I have been thinking long about, please feel free to email / leave a comment below or share!


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